Charities I Support

Mission Statement

The Lady of Magic and Friends are a small group of magicians who donate their performances or a portion thereof because they are dedicated to delighting people of all ages, while raising money or accepting donations on behalf of those in need.
Some of the organizations that we are affiliated with are:
• The Midnight Mission
• SOS Mentor
• LaoKids (Magic4Orphans)
• The Salvation Army
• The Rotary Club
• More TBA

Not only do the performances of the magicians enchant the audience, the organizations benefit through the fundraiser and there is always a collection taken of donations for people who need household items, warm clothing and blankets. Sometimes, it’s not that people don’t want to give, but it is hard to find the time and location to drop off items. It’s a great way to alleviate clutter and to put those unused items to good use!
If we can help raise funds while making others laugh and smile in wonder while maybe inspiring someone to help others… Then mission accomplished!

~Sisuepahn Phila

Sisuepahn Phila was born in 1963 in Laos, where the Mekongand Paksan Rivers meet, separating Thailand from Vietnam. She was raised by a military father and entrepreneurial mother. Her childhood beared many emotional burdens of the Vietnam war,where it was common to hear gunfire and bear the emotional burdens of the bunkers close to her house.   When Vietnam invaded her area she was forced to leave Laos and live in a UN camp, along with enduring the pain of her parents divorcing.Eventually she came to the United States where she discovered and fell in love with Magic and use her shows to raise funds for many different charities , which provides clothes and food to the children of the orphanages of Laos and here at home, who are in need and are suffering through hunger and deprivation.

Currently she is living in her Castle; The Redondo Beach Castle in Redondo Beach California. She has performed her magic all over the world and has been seen on Penn and Teller, Back stage at the Magic Castle, La and Boston Museum of Science. She is a hostess to many organizations such as Sosmentor.org, MidnightMission of Los Angeles, as well  serving as Ambassador for the Blue Zone Project of the south bay beach cites of Los Angeles, which is a new project for community togetherness and better living.   Those who know her best refer to her as a nun with a mini skirt, as she is always looking to help those less fortunate and in need.

Our Mission this year:

For www.Lao-kids.org

The shipping 2 tons of salt, cover five orphanages around 2000 children. There are enough fund from the government to provide good salt with iodine for children at the orphanage.

At developing stage children without enough iodine their brain will not develop properly, so they have no toothpaste. My family on salt factory you able to buy at cost, every four months to drop off 2 tons.

Since 2007 Sis had helped built many fish farms, mushroom farms and fruit orchids (especially Avocados has great nutrition) you hoping to put more in so the children can sell and buy much needed school supplies and medicines.

For www.midnightmission.org

Our new hobbies: my Magic partner/Brian Gillis and I Love to do garage sale on the weekend, we like buying antiques all fun stuff for the castle. At the same time we collect all use clothes and blankets and tents for the midnight mission we drop off of the load every month and we plan to continue to do it year around.

If you would like to donate your used clothes please contact Sis and you can drop it off at the Redondo Beach Castle or We Can Come and Pick It up. We will send you the receipt for tax write off and a pass for 8 people  to the Magic  Castle in Hollywood  or some of Lady of Magic’s shows.

Please join us at our varies fundraisers by going www.ladyofmagic.com to make a different in children lives here at home and Laos.

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